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Long-Term Care


When you call us after a loved one passes away, we meet with you and assess the property. Once the contract has been signed, we go to work! We set up all items and prep for the sale. Once items have been sold, we donate items or liquidate all remaining items to the "end-buyer". You are left with an empty property ready to sell. 

One of our favorite roles is to make the transition to a nursing home or assisted living facility easier on a family. We help to secure personal items for the move, then we hold a sale to liquidate remaining items. As with any other sale, remaining items will be donated/purchased by an end-buyer. The property will then be ready to sell. 



One Household Becoming Two

When couples are going through a split, we come in to make the process run more smoothly. We offer fast liquidation so parties can walk away with less items and more money. The property is emptied, which makes it immediately ready to sell. 

Downsizing and Relocating are common reasons to call an estate liquidator. Usually you are on the time frame of your company and/or realtor. Because of this, you need a fast and reliable company to sell remaining items to get you on your way. We are here to get the most bang for your buck, and to take a load off your shoulders so you can focus on the big move!