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Many wonder why an estate sale is a necessity or even why they need to hire a company for a sale. Our greatest suggestion is to never do an estate sale unassisted.


Why An Estate Sale?


One-Stop Shop

We have years of experience under our belts with hundreds of dealers and appraisers at our fingertips. Ebay is a great source, but not a source to price and appraise an entire house/pole barn/garage/business AND price compare to Michigan's unique market.

We also are experts in advertising for a sale and how to draw in hundreds (sometimes thousands) of customers. A privately listed sale simply cannot generate as much "heat" as we can. 

What we can offer to make the process smooth for you:

-A legal contract

-Incredible advertising in all different avenues 

-Appraisals, professional photographing, selling via online and in-person 

-Gorgeous and fast sale set up 

-Side by side relationship with the realtor and or/estate executor 

-Sale documentation and receipts 

-Dumpster access 

-Relationships with charities all across Michigan

-Referrals for cleaning companies or any other need you may have after sale completion 

-Sale/item removal for an empty property

-Large item sales (campers, tractors, RVs, cars, etc.) 

-We service all types of estates: businesses, pole barns, barns, homes, etc.

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