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-Upon signing the contract, throw nothing away on the property unless it is perishable or trash. We have a motto that "almost everything can sell!". You never know if an item has secret value. 


-Be thorough. When it is your allotted time to go through the property to secure personal items before the sale, you want to make sure you don't pass over a special item, as everything else we will sell and donate. 


-Trust the process. Know that we are pricing experts and organizational experts. Our goal is to make as much money for you as possible. This means pricing items according to our standards and sometimes our hired experts. We may consult families, but we know what prices make items move. 


-We pay for all advertising for the sale. We have a large following, and also 20 different marketing accounts to reach as many people as possible. However, we do believe there's no such thing as too much advertising. We highly encourage posting quick links to your personal social media accounts to generate as many views as possible. 


-Families cannot be present during the sale. Customers do not feel comfortable if family of the estate is on the property.


-Our expertise allows for selling of larger items like campers, cars, boats, etc. We have a separate contract for these larger items, but they will be part of the sale should you choose this option. Larger items draw a larger following. 


-We will go through the contract with you, but make sure you also read through it multiple times on your own. It is imperative you agree with our contract, and it is extremely important you make your wishes and ideas known (to us) before we begin the sale process. 

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